Cover Letter

Cover letters should be sent with a résumé when applying to a position. It's important to change each cover letter to match the position description you are applying for.


  • Do not overuse the word "I."
  • Follow a professional business letter - use one space between each paragraph and do not indent paragraphs
  • Use the full, typed out date (such as December 30, 2004); do not use 12/30/04
  • Address the letter to the person listed in the job posting. If a name is not given, use Human Resources or Hiring Manager (pick one)
  • When addressing the letter to an individual, use Mr. or Ms. If you do not know the gender, do not guess! Instead, use the person's full name
  • Signature block: include 4 blank spaces for your signature
  • Check for content, grammar, spelling and typos before sending!
  • Do not forget to sign the letter
  • Do not forget to enclose/attach your resume
  • Keep a record of your correspondence and the replies you receive

Sample Cover Letter

Download our sample cover letter to get started.

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