Tooltips and Icons

Throughout the site you will see the Icons listed below. These are used to perform various functions like editing, viewing or deleting post. Below is a description of what each does.

Hover over these to see more information about the page or section
Delete a Profile, Upload, or Favorite
Edit a Profile, Upload, or Favorite
This Upload is active, and can be seen and searched for by Employers
This Upload is expired or disabled, and cannot be seen or searched for
Refresh the content of the page or section
View a position, upload or profile

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Student Help Page

Career Connect is designed to help you find JOBS and help employers find YOU!

Begin your journey by creating a profile, which will allow you to search Career Connect and Indeed for employment opportunities.


A profile is a collection of information about you, your resume and portfolio, and your skillset.

  • Create profiles based on the type of job(s) you are seeking. Select program skill sets that apply to you and upload documents you would like to share with potential employers.
  • Uploads – Manage your uploaded documents, make them public or private, and choose which document(s) you want to submit for each job application.
  • LinkedIn - Quickly pull in profile information by connecting to your LinkedIn account.
  • Add links to sites you visit often.

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Job Search

Search for employment opportunities posted on Career Connect, as well as positions through Indeed.

  • Search Career Connect – Search for employment opportunities posted on the site by employers who want to hire our students and graduates. Simply type in a keyword or use the advanced search options. A Google Map will automatically show the location of the company when viewing a job posting.
  • Search Indeed – Search for employment opportunities posted through Type in a keyword and select a state.

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Career Connect will suggest positions that are a good match with your profile and will keep track of positions you’ve applied for or saved.

  • My Matches - Based on the skills you selected in your profile, we will automatically identify positions you are qualified for.
  • My Favorites - Save positions you are interested in to view at a later date.
  • Email Employers – Submit a cover letter specific to the job you are applying to via email.
  • My Applications - You can track the positions you applied to through the site.

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Job Alerts

Let Career Connect do the work for you. Your job searches and suggested matches will be emailed to your Student Email daily. **NOTE: You will only receive emails when new postings are available on the site based on your job searches.


Career Connect offers resources to help you prepare for your job search: resume writing, cover letters, references, interviewing, thank you letters, and job search sites.

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